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Hydroponic Gardening with Your Pond or Wetland Bog

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Image Hydroponic Gardening with Your Pond or Wetland Bog

Hydroponic Gardening

with Your Pond or Wetland Bog

hydroponic wetland garden koi pond

Benefits of Hydroponic Gardening

Hydroponic Gardening is a specialized type of gardening that uses nutrient rich solutions instead of soil alone and is quickly becoming one of the most popular gardening categories for several reasons.

First, the amount of water that can be conserved by this method making it economical, environmentally friendly, and sustainable. When a plant is slowly fed the appropriate amount of water from a connected source, it reduces the amount of overflow and over-watering, common with most residential gardens. Not to mention the potential fines and cost of extensive water use. And of course because of the fact that water is a valuable natural resource, that we need to help conserve- while still trying to beautify our homes.


The popularity of hydroponic gardening has also risen extensively because of the ease in which people can achieve beautiful, healthy plants. By using a connected water source to slowly water plants, it reduces the amount of time one needs to regularly care for and feed plants. The plants slowly bring up water and various nutrients, that it can take from a healthy water source- such as a pond or bog type garden.

Growing plants within a pond that has fish and aquatic plants in it, is an excellent way to get an abundance of highly nutrient rich water directly to the root base of the plants. These nutrients within a pond, are ideal food for growing very large, healthy plants.

In addition, many people are finding what an excellent way hydroponic gardening is for growing food- such as tomatoes, peppers, various herbs, and lovely edible flowers such as nasturtiums, and marigolds. These edible options not only create a way to feed and nourish ourselves and families, but create a beautiful alternative to decorative flowers and plants within a pond.

Koi Hydroponic Garden

Build Your Own Hydroponic Garden

Hydroponic Gardening is so easy to setup with your Pond, Pondless Waterfall or Wetland Bog.

Since pond water is so nutrient rich, you should be taking advantage of it by planting herbs and other edible plants within it's shallow planting beds, gravel or even along the edge where it can still reach the water.

For more instruction on how to get started or to buy the materials to get started visit  our store or call us at 818-252-0040.

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